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Travelers Society was born in a Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayas – Juan Pablo, the founder of this travelers group, decided to quit the corporate race and took a few months off to travel the top of the world with the goal to put more meaning into his life and the lives of people around him.

Juan Pablo’s epiphany?

That motivation is the refined fuel of human beings and motivation is endless once you find your passion. Thus he started Travelers Society, a community of travelers who go waaay of the beaten path to experience what few people have been able to… Trips include immersing yourself in North Korea, the Trans-Siberian train, paragliding over rice terraces, to camping on the Great Wall…

All this is done in a friendly environment for people to connect and have amazing experiences offered nowhere else in the world…

Join us and make your life extraordinary!!!


Green China Project

Leaving the places we visit cleaner, one trip at a time

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