Let's go... Trekking in a Hidden Paradise! (July 22-29)


This trip is all about trekking through stunning mountains, streams, and local Tibetan villages in Gannan …  Enjoy the spectacular views of a hidden paradise during this incredible trek and then get a real feel for the surroundings by camping in the dense virgin forest! Try some delicious local food, peek into life in remote villages, camp in the wild, discover the wildlife along the way…and more!!


We will be trekking through awesome mountains…

… visiting remote Tibetan villages…

…camping in the wild…

…admiring the breathtaking scenery…


…and more!!!

Dates:  July 22- July 29 (Saturday to Saturday)


Day  1 – Saturday - July 22

  • Meet at the hotel in Lanzhou

  • Grab some dinner in a local Lanzhou restaurant

    • Accommodation : hotel

    • Meals: Dinner


Day 2 – Sunday - July 23

  • Set out for our awesome journey to Zhagana through incredible scenery of grasslands and lakes

  • Local specialty dinner

  • Arrive in Zhagana and check into our guesthouse

    • Accommodation : guesthouse

    • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner


Day 3 – Monday - July 24

  • Free day to adjust to the altitude and explore our awesome village and chat with the locals

  • Check out a nearby small village and check out an ancient buddhist temple overlooking the area

  • Accommodation : guest house

  • Meals: all


Day 4 – Tuesday - July 25

  • Early breakfast

  • Trekking time! -  Zhagana (altitude: 2,920 m) → Nigodava (3,840 m) → Malzon (3560 m) → Zhagana Stone Forest (3,900 m) →  Dongcai Camp (3,640 m) [19 km total trek]

  • Enter the canyon along the wide grazing road, pass the Dani Godava gate, through grasslands, and streams until we arrive at our campsite

  • Set up camp in the grasslands

    • Accommodation : camping in the wild!

    • Meals: all


Day 5 – Wednesday - July 26

  • Early breakfast and set off for the most spectacular part of the journey

  • Trek:  Dongcai Camp (3,640 m) →  Klak Pass (4,140 m) →  Seven Kerr Ridge →  Camp (3,580 m) [15 km total trek]

  • Check out the awesome wildlife and scenery along the way - canyons, snow capped mountains, grasslands, forests, fields, rivers, animals, you may even see some wild snow leopards!

  • Set up camp

    • Accommodation : camping in the wild!

  • Meals: all


Day 6 – Thursday - July 27

  • Early breakfast and continue the trek

  • Trek:   Camp(3,580 m) →  Stool Mountain (3,320 m) →  Anziku (3,160 m) → Guanyin Stone Camp (3,590 m) [12 km total trek]

  • Check out the sunset

  • Camp in the wild

    • Accommodation : camping in the wild!

    • Meals: all


Day 7 – Friday - July 28

  • Head up to the top of the mountain to check out the awesome sunrise

  • After breakfast, set out for the last and easiest leg of our trek

  • Trek:   Guanyin Stone Camp (3,590 m) →  Guanyin Stone Pass (3,620 m) → (3,254 m) → Triangle Stone (2,950 m) →(via bus)  Zhuoni County (2,540 m) [10 km total trek]

  • Check into our hotel, hit the showers, and meet up for dinner

    • Accommodation : hotel

    • Meals: all


Day 8 – Saturday - July 29

  • Head to the airport to catch our flight home

    • Accommodation : n/a

    • Meals: none





Included - Insured private bus with A/C from Lanzhou (hotel) to Zhagana, from Zhuoni to Lanzhou, from Triangle Stone to Zhuoni County

Not included -  Travel to/from Lanzhou


Suggested Flights:

Depending on your departure point and schedule.


Shanghai (Pudong) – Lanzhou (Zhongchuan) HO1027

Junyao - 9:00 - 12:15  - est. price 1700 RMB


Lanzhou (Zhongchuan) – Shanghai (Pudong) FM9216

Shanghai Airlines - 19:10-21:50 - est. price 1600 RMB


Please book your flights. It’s really easy with www.ctrip.com! They even have an app. (If you need help booking your flights, a booking fee of 100 RMB per ticket will apply, paid directly to the booking agent. Our agent will contact you within 24 hours of registration.)


*You will need to arrange for your own transportation from Lanzhou airport to the hotel. For the return flight, transportation will be provided to the airport -you can leave on any flight at or slightly after the suggested flight departure time, otherwise you will have to arrange for your own transportation.  



Included - all meals as listed -  Local specialty in the Villages, camping fare during trek

Not Included - some meals as listed (Lunch D2, no meals on D8 are included)



Included - 7 nights - Clean double (or triple) occupancy rooms in local guesthouses and double occupancy tents (mat, sleeping bag, tent).  Rooms will be booked on a first come first served basis.  If you wish to room alone, the single occupancy fee is an extra 1500 RMB per person total for 7 nights. Please note that single occupancy availability may be limited. (If needed, we can help you find someone to share. Pairings in this case are distributed in order of request submission. If there is an uneven number of travelers, the extra single occupancy fee may apply.)



Price: Book now and get the early bird price of 4,999 RMB or 5,499 RMB if deposit paid after July 10


Deposit: 2,000 RMB (included in the price)

*Full payment must be made July 11.  (Registration is still open after this date.)



Onsite transportation, accommodation (double occupancy), most meals, insurance, trekking permits, organizing fees,  insurance, a Chinese/English speaking guide, food ration, camp management, camping gear (high mountain tent, camp light, sleeping bag, mat), waterbottles (metal), camping stove, porters and transportation of gear, a trip of a lifetime and loooots of fun!!!


Does not include:

Travel to/from Lanzhou, some meals, drinks, other personal expenses


What you need to bring:

PASSPORT, camera/gopro, sunscreen, backpack, toiletries, small daypack, sunglasses, trekking sticks, water bottles, iodine pills to disinfect water, trekking shoes, warm clothing for chilly nights, snacks for trek, backpack for trek (gear + backpack (approx 7kg) should be less than 10 kg per person total )


Cancellation & Disclaimer:

If the traveler decides to cancel, s/he can get refund of the deposit (a small cancellation fee may apply) up to August 17 and no refund after that. The schedule may be adjusted due to weather conditions, unforeseeable events, etc. For complete information please refer to www.travelers-society.com/terms-conditions.


What you need to bring:

PASSPORT, camera/GoPro, sunscreen, small day pack, towel, walking shoes, and your favorite food for our picnic, swimsuit, flashlight/headlight, umbrella, spare change of clothes

Note: If your passport is in the visa office for processing, please bring the original slip of paper given to you by the authorities and a photocopy of your passport with you on the trip. This paper can be used for domestic travel instead of a passport.


Cancellation & Disclaimer:

If the traveler decides to cancel, s/he can get refund of the deposit (a small cancellation fee may apply) up to July 6 and no refund after that. The schedule, accommodation, and transportation may be adjusted due to weather conditions, unforeseeable events etc. For complete information please refer to www.travelers-society.com/terms-conditions


Payment options:

1)ICBC Bank Transfer

2)Alipay/WechatPay (Pay byWechatand make your life in China easier. It’s easy to get!)

3)Secure online payment (deposit only)

PayPal / UnionPayCredit/Debit Card / International Credit Cards

4)Cash on Delivery

*Payment options 1 & 2 are free of charge, 3 & 4 may incur a small commission by the operator


How to book

Click on the following link to pay and book:



* Your seat will be confirmed only after the payments and online application has been submited!


Inquiries: info@travelers-society.com